Choosing the fastest DigitalOcean server for you

DigitalOcean is my favourite online server provider. They have servers in Amsterdam, New York, San Francisco, Singapore, Toronto, London, Frankfurt and Bangalore. The speed to the servers is dependent on where you are in the world so it can be worth checking out your connection speeds before you choose where to locate your droplet. Thankfully DigitalOcean makes this easy.

Each location has a speedtest you can run, just click the link and press the Begin Test button. You can choose which centre to test using the table below the button.

I ran tests at my four nearest locations (2 in San Francisco) and this is what I got. To allow me to compare I took a screenshot of the result using the Awesome Screenshot extension in Chrome.

San Francisco 2 came out the clear winner for me with the lowest latency and jitter, fastest download speed and second fastest upload speed, by a small margin. This is despite Singapore being 3,000km closer as the crow flies.

You can get $10 free for signing up using my referral link (I get credit too) if you want to see if DigitalOcean is for you.

If you aren’t sure of the locations of these cities a map on their homepage lets you see. You can even click on a location and run a speedtest.

Remember the speed is not just dependent on DigitalOcean; your hardware, internet connection time of day and every connection between you and them matters too.